Ultra-Premium/Natural Dog & Cat Treats, Toppers & Supplements

Are you looking for a knowledgeable partner to increase new points of distribution and sales on your high-end dog and cat treats, toppers, or supplements?  

If so, you know these categories are fueled by constant innovation, assortment, “better-for-you trends”, and are a must-win category for retailers. 

You also know creating a fun, rewarding, on-trend branded retail shopping experience that highlights key benefits is your recipe for success.  Treats sales spike heavily during holiday seasons and thrive with advantageous placement in stores.  

For toppers, 45% of dog food purchasing households have purchased some form of wet food and humanization trends are fueling growth with Gen Z and Millennial pet parents.  

Consumers are purchasing more varieties and increasing their basket size in these categories.  This is a great business to be in when you have the right partners to execute.


of Dog Food Purchases are a Form of Wet Food

Humanization Trends with Gen Z and Millenials

Consumer Purchase Variety and Basket Size

Show Me Sales Can Help You Make the Most of this Opportunity

Our sales and marketing professionals continuously study the constant changes in these dynamic categories and act as category advisors with our valued retail partners to ensure our clients’ product benefits are best highlighted to their shoppers.  

To accomplish this, we partner to ensure they are placed in the most advantageous category position in the planogram, gain out of aisle placement, and draw in shoppers with innovative marketing techniques.  

Show Me Sales has built strong relationships with hundreds of the top retail chains who making assortment and promotional decisions for thousands of stores.  

We don’t just have these retailers as part of an email list, we partner with them actively to help them meet their goals and shopper’s needs in coordination with our clients amazing brands we represent.

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