Ultra-Premium/Natural Dog & Cat Food Brands

Wondering if you have the right partner to help grow your sales with your ultra-premium/natural dog and cat food portfolio? 

If you don’t have the right partner, you may be missing a huge opportunity as “premium-ization” is driving the majority of pet category growth. 

"Premium-ization" is driving major growth.


of Pet Owners Put the Needs of Their Pets Ahead of Their Own in a Tough Economy


of Pet Food Buyers' Purchasing Unphased by Inflation

A significant percentage of pet owners are unphased by inflation.

So what if economic times get tough?  Well, 42% of consumers agree that they would rather make sacrifices for themselves than reduce the quality of their dog or cat’s food and even with inflation on the rise, 1/3 of pet food buyers say they will not change their purchasing behavior.  Sounds like satisfying this shopper is a must whether you are a retailer investing in this space in your planogram or a manufacturer producing these amazing products!

Your brand can leverage Show Me Sales' deep knowledge and direct relationships in the ultra-premium/natural dog & cat food category.

Our knowledgeable sales team has deep experience in this category spanning from understanding ingredient decks and key benefits to partnering with retailers and clients to ensure all parties grow their businesses profitably.  Show Me Sales has built strong relationships with hundreds of the top retail chains who making assortment and promotional decisions for thousands of stores.  We don’t just have these retailers as part of an email list. Show Me Sales partners with them actively to help them meet their goals and shopper’s needs in coordination with our clients’ amazing brands.

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