Market Leading Dog/Cat Food & Litter Brands

There is a huge opportunity to grow your large household/national dog food, cat food, and litter brand’s in-store sales & profits. Does your brand have the necessary strategic sales & marketing support to take advantage of this in 2022 and beyond?

If not, you may be missing a huge opportunity as 70% of US households own pets and 83% of pet-owning households own a dog or cat.  


US Households Owning Pets


of Household Owns Dog or Cat


YoY Pet Population Growth

That’s right!  Over 94 million dogs and 91 million cats in the United States alone! To further underscore the importance of winning in this category, pet owners shop the category 23 times per year and pet food is the #2 trip driving category spurring shopper to get off the couch and into your store!

Show Me Sales Can Help You Make the Most of this Opportunity

Let’s face it.  Large companies can be hard to work with some times. Choosing the right partner with the right portfolio of brands is critical to your own brand’s in-store success.  Show Me Sales & Marketing has a strategic partnership with a major national pet food company, which gives our team a unique advantage in the market place.  We can ensure your brand receives great service and advice along with the ability to maximize every resource to drive traffic and growth to your store.  

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