Innovative & High-Quality “Hard-Lines” (Toys, Bowls, etc.)

Toys, bowls, leashes, collars, shampoos, odor eliminators, training pads, flea & tick, and the list goes on.  

Oh, how we spoil our pets even in categories outside of food and treats!  

All of these extras represent a great business opportunity “hard line” pet product manufacturers.


Dogs and Cats Welcomed to U.S. Households in 2021

And while some of these categories may not turn as quickly off the shelf as items in the pet food and treats portfolio, they are absolute “must have’s” for retailers to show credibility as a pet category destination and capture as many pet shopper dollars as possible.  

3 million more dogs and cats were welcomed into US households in 2021 and they need your products!

Show Me Sales Can Help You Make the Most of this Opportunity

If you are a manufacturer of products in the pet “hard-lines” category, you know the challenges of getting your product and opportunity in front of the right decision maker at the right time and having it being represented in the perfect context.  

Show Me Sales has built strong relationships with hundreds of the top retail chains who making assortment and promotional decisions for thousands of stores.  

We don’t just have these retailers as part of an email list, we partner with them actively to help them meet their goals and shopper’s needs.  

With our expertise and relationships, Show Me Sales is best equipped to ensure these retail partners understand the role your products can play for them in this category and why they stand out from competition in a “sea of products”. 

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