Bird & Outdoor Animal Feed & Seed, Supplies

Venturing outside of the world of dogs and cats, vibrant categories in outdoor animal feed/supplies and bird seed/supplies are scanning across retail counters at a record pace.  

Bird Seed & Supplies

With 42% or 52 million US households who at least “sometimes” buy bird seed, it is easy to see the opportunity in this market.

Backyard Chicken Feed/Supply

Additionally, according to the American Pet Product Association's (APPA) 2021-2022 National Pet Owners Survey, ownership of backyard chickens increased from 8 percent in 2018 to 13 percent in 2020 fueled by millennial and Gen Z ownership increases.

Horse Feed & Supplies

Let’s not forget our 3.8 million horses to spoil with the best feeds, treats, and supplies they deserve.

Rabbit Feed & Supplies

While 1% of households owning a pet rabbit seems small, that is 3 million homes who own at least 1 pet rabbit!

Show Me Sales Can Help You Make the Most of this Opportunity

If you have products in one of these categories, you know how passionate these shoppers are about the animals they are feeding and caring for. 

You deserve the best representation to get your category leading products in front of them.

Show Me Sales has built strong relationships with hundreds of the top retail chains who making assortment and promotional decisions for thousands of stores and we have a high degree of integration/expertise in farm and feed & hardware channels where these types of categories thrive.  

We don’t just have these retailers as part of an email list, we partner with them actively to help them meet their goals and shopper’s needs in coordination with our clients amazing brands we represent.  

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