Our Process

Built and perfected in the trenches of retail.

Show Me Sales and Marketing’s business model is built around a process that we’ve built and honed through years of working in the retail space. Everything is centered around exceptionally servicing your business to yield the highest return on investment. We focus on the areas that will make the most impact and don’t waste your budget on items that sound great on paper but don’t move the needle.

Our Process Map

A Strong Foundation

Our headquarter sales model is a carefully crafted output of years of experience working at some of the most successful CPG companies in the world. These companies did not get where they are without having the best strategies to gain optimum assortment, space, promotions, and pricing with their retail partners. These are the practices we have adopted and built into a leaner, more efficient model. Combining this model with our extensive connections across all channels of retail provides our clients with an incredibly strong sales-generating service.


At Show Me Sales, we’ve carefully chosen which services we offer and that is one of our competitive advantages. Instead of offering a vast array of average services, we focus on a few core areas of extreme competency. The core of our business specializes in providing the most strategic headquarter sales management services for CPG companies looking to maximize business results at the best value. While we provide our associates with the best tools to help grow the businesses they represent, we do not use our client’s money to build elaborate headquarters, pass on large bonuses to senior executives, or focus on a multitude of services you don’t need. With this foundational focus and lean business model, we provide you the highest return on investment translating into your company reaching its goals.

Best-in-Class Training

Our team members participate in best-in-class training programs that prepare each person to step into your business the very first day with the skill sets required to help you achieve your goals. Outside of the basic analytical, presentation, and communication skills required to work at Show Me Sales & Marketing, we thoroughly train our team with specific courses on selling strategies, promotional spending/modeling, negotiation skills, and retail channel-specific best practices. From this strong beginning, our team takes their strong desire to learn and exceed expectations and dives into learning all client and retailer-specific information while taking key learnings from who we are here to serve – YOU!

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