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Best-in-class in-house training gives us the advantage of being flexible to suit your specific business needs.

We provide exceptional value to our clients where it counts.

Product Placement and Assortment Optimization

Our associates have a thorough knowledge of our customers’ current distribution and continuously study consumer preferences by retail channel and store specifics. We use this background in conjunction with your company’s marketing and sales initiatives to drive incremental distribution into retail in a timely and efficient manner.

Pricing and Promotion

Our team utilizes industry best practices to utilize promotional funds to drive the highest return on investment. We diligently set pre-promotion expectations and assess the impact of the promotion in a timely manner. We utilize these processes consistently to ensure we are spending promotional funds to continuously drive your top-line most profitably.

Category and Shelf Management

Our associates are students of your business, not just sales representatives. We not only spend time with our customers pitching new items and promotional deals but also show them how the products your company offers brings more value to their entire category and total store results. We then apply best-in-class shelving principles to aid retailers in making the right decisions on placing your items in the most favorable space in-store.

Ad Hoc Project Work

Whether it is a 1-time request or on-going work, we are available to partner with you for custom projects. Whether it is shelf work for a specific customer, store calls to sell in new items or promotions, or analytical projects, we will provide you the talent to complete the job right for a competitive price.

We provide our clients with competitive advantages through our years of sales and marketing experience, extensive connections across all retail channels, innovative and impactful talent sourcing, and lean/focused model that allow you to get more for your money than with other agencies.

Whether you are looking to partner with us as your core sales force or as a catalyst to drive your business into a certain channel or subset of your customers, we are prepared to deliver exceptional services tailored to your business model.

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