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STRONG and PREDICTABLE RETAIL SALES are a game-changer for CPG brands and we have the know-how, the team, relationships, and track record that have generated over $51 MILLION in revenue.
Not only do more sales mean a lot to any CPG brand, but KNOWING HOW TO SAFELY navigate the world of retail sales is what separates the successful CPG brands from the unsuccessful ones.
GROWING through retail is one of the most rewarding opportunities that exist for a CPG brand due to the vast scale of this unique channel. Show Me Sales & Marketing can help you grow your sales faster and with fewer risks.

Let us be your trusted guide and leverage the years we’ve already spent building strong industry relationships with key contacts and learning what truly works.

Why is it so hard for innovative CPG brands to break into retail?

Gaining placement in key retail channels offers an immense scaling opportunity for any CPG brand, but because most young companies lack the resources and channel expertise they often have great difficulty growing their revenue with confidence. This situation only becomes worse because of the complexities in gaining retail channel placement and then the lack of strategic and tactical knowledge within the channel makes it extremely difficult to maintain strong, sustainable growth.

Many solutions aimed at growing through retail don’t quite hit the mark and here’s why they fail to deliver.

The CPG retail industry is entrenched in tradition. Ever hear, “well, this is how it’s always been done”? That statement right there practically sums up the state of the industry. The traditional way a CPG brand grows through retail consists of either handling it in-house or handing over responsibility to a broker. Most young CPG brands don’t have the resources to take on an effective in-house team so that nullifies that solution for most companies.

You then have the broker industry. They offer a valuable service, but the catch with them…

You need to be big already!

The broker industry caters to the large brands that are already doing multiple millions and billions per year. Even then they are more focused on solutions of scale and not maximum effectiveness and sustainability. If you happen to find a broker that will work with a young CPG brand, the solution doesn’t work as well for a young company with sensitive margins because it needs specific expertise to grow effectively based on its current business lifecycle.

We’ve figured out what moves the needle for young, innovative CPG brands.

Andrew Leitner, CEO of Show Me Sales & Marketing

Our founder and CEO, Andrew Leitner, earned his skills and expertise working with the largest CPG brands in the world like Purina and Nestle. Through this he built relationships with key players within retail and experienced everything that goes into helping major CPG brands sell at scale. However, he also saw where the smaller CPG brands he was working with could benefit from more individualized and focused strategies and tactics. It was through this realization, that the Show Me Sales & Marketing process was born.

Andrew Leitner, CEO of Show Me Sales & Marketing

When we work together, your CPG brand is put through deep discovery process that focuses on the unique strategic needs and goals. These requirements are then fulfilled through Show Me Sales & Marketing’s senior leadership and dedicated account representatives who adhere to strict quality assurance protocols and have completed extensive in-house training on the latest industry and category management best practices.

The Show Me Sales & Marketing Process

Through this rigorous process, our industry relationships, and constant tracking and analysis of campaigns Show Me Sales & Marketing is able to deliver a more predictable and safe path for scaling your CPG company’s retail sales.

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Here's what John Gigliotti, founder and CEO of WholeLife Pet, has to say about working with Show Me Sales & Marketing.

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